St Mary's Church, Sawston


If you would like to give towards the work of St Mary’s Church, Sawston, this can be via the collection plate during Sunday services, the envelope scheme, the Parish Giving Scheme, a regular standing order or a one-off contribution. One-off contributions can be identified as being for a specific purpose, such as outreach or repairs and maintenance, if you so wish. Please note that all donations by cheque should be made payable to ‘Sawston Parochial Church Council’. To give a one-off gift to the church by card, please visit our Give a Little page.

Gift aid can be claimed on all donations given by donors paying UK income tax; there are forms available for both regular and one-off giving here and on the table to the left of the door into church.  Gift aid makes each £1 given by a basic rate tax payer worth £1.25.

If you would like further information about giving to St Mary’s, please contact Marian Watson (Gift Aid Officer) or Ally Henderson (Treasurer) via the Church Office.